This Must Be The Place

…und wir treiben immer weiter und weiter ins Glück. 24 Jahre sind gefühlte tausend und jedes mal trifft es mich wie ein Schlag, wenn ich darüber nachdenke was ich in dieser Zeit geschafft habe – oder eben nicht. Reise, reise, Seemann reise. Ich passe ein bisschen auf André auf, zusammen und bald zu vielt gehen wir voran und schauen wohin es uns treibt.
Dabei sein ist alles.
This Must Be The Place.

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Just as I happened to write about my tl;dr problem being fixed by, Paul Miller writes about his tl;dr problem he as to fix, as he is off the web.

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How made me a better reader

(this post is in english, because it’s trendy as hell this is supposed to be read by as many people as possible)

It’s late, in fact very late, to do a review, but after using it for more than 6 Months, really starts to creep in to my online life — so here we go!

Let’s start from the top. What is this I’m talking about, and what does it do?

It’s simple: is a social network that let’s you recommend great online articles to your friends. You simply highlight a significant portion from the text you’d like to recommend, click the bookmarklet and click “Recommend”. This is the sharing part of the experience. What makes this Hamburg based startup even cooler is, it’s gonna let you follow people you entrust to provide you with great texts, articles and editorials of your interests. It’s easy, very functional and pretty as well.

Many people quickly joined because of it’s initial hype within the german blogosphere, but also their interest dropped rapidly as they tried it out. For, this was a good thing, since it’s made for a special purpose only and aims to people with great interest in reading (mostly) longer articles on the web. The noise (which it’s supposed to filter) was silenced down to a very managable degree, and since much of its content is written in english, it’s target group within the german online-world was narrowed down even more.

Initially, I also didn’t use it very much. I liked reading, but the tldr factor often came in between me, and my interest of the topic that someone took their time to write about. A habit, most of us seem to be aware of in the Internet.

But after a few months of being a member something changed.
It wasn’t the web — neither was it my very irregular use of the site.
It was me that changed. My tldr feeling got lost.

And I credit for being responsible.
The portions, of the articles I “read” got longer and longer and even more I felt the urge to really understand and read carefully, so I could be more responsible, when eventually clicking the QUOTE bookmarklet in my browser. didn’t suck me in, like maybe facebook did. It didn’t steal my time. It rather became the backend for investing my time more usefully on the web. Reading, instead of brainless browsing now takes much more time from the time I spend online — thinking about that makes me, kind of happy and encourages me more and more to also not just blatantly push content to my blog, but really take my time to create something worth reading.


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— 10.00 —
So. Act!on.
Sagt man so.

— 10.30 —
Ein Mensch von der Regierung sagt Dinge und wird von den Leuten verarscht, die noch genug nerven haben sitzen zu bleiben.

— 10.45 —
Wechsel auf Stage 2 >:/
Schauen jetzt das hier.
Überall GEMAfreie Musik.

— 11.19 —
Man hätte Bullshit-Bingo mitnehmen sollen.

— 15.04 —
Wir haben wifi. Halle 1 ist der shit!