Dear @tapbot_paul

Exactly what I expected and not upset at all. Why not?
Why would I as an Android user, would want an app that is seriously great on iOS “ported” to my phone? Tweetbot takes many advantages of iOS and is optimized in a way that iOS users will get around its functions from day one.
Android apps, especially those optimized for the new UI/UX guidelines in ICS work, look and feel completely different and share just some basic similarities to iOS apps. Simply porting Tweetbot to Android would not only break your app, but also deliver a very user-unfriendly experience for Android users, wo are slowly getting used to, what Google wants them to experience, using ICS Apps, keeping in mind that the ICS marketshare is still low as fuck and of course it’s UI is still compromised by the horrible ways, phone vendors (especially Samsung) skin (break) Android.

So, what’s my point? The point is apps ≠ apps and iOS UX ≠ Android UX.
My fellow Android users should really not think that bringing every app from A to B is a good idea (even if the arguments made are mostly considered bashing one or the other system).
Tweetbot is NOT made for Android, but Carbon, for example, WILL be (just wait for it).

Yours, stupidly liberal,